Which breast implant profile should i choose ?

Having breast augmentation for women is a decision usually well thought out. Breast surgery always comes with risks that are important to be aware of. That’s why having a qualified surgeon is crucial.
Do you want to have breast augmentation and achieve the desired breast? With the help of your surgeon, you will need to choose the shape of the breast implant (round or anatomical) and its size. It will be important to carefully consider the choice of the profile of your implant since it will condition the appearance of your breast.

But what is a breast implant profile and how many profiles are there?


Euromi Biosciences offers 5 profiles in order to offer the breast implant that will best suit your morphology and your desires.

When we talk about the profile or projection of the breast implant, we talk about its projection from the chest outwards (towards the nipple). Conversely, we speak of the base of the breast implant for its frontal perspective (it is therefore the diameter).

As such, two implants with the same diameter can have two different profiles, which will imply two different renderings. The number of profiles differs between manufacturers. There are generally three to four different profiles including low / medium / high.

The choice of profile – a very important choice

It is important to discuss the choice of profile with your surgeon to ensure a good result.
Before making this choice, you will need to determine the diameter of the implant, which must correspond to the height and width of your breast. A breast implant that is too large or too small will give a disappointing result: the breasts will be too close to each other or too far, which will not be natural.

The choice of profile will be based on your wishes and on the breast already present if applicable, since the volume of the breast implant will be added to that of your original breast.

Do you have small breasts? Due to the thinness of your glandular tissue, you can then choose a high profile if you want the result to be visible while maintaining a natural look. Be careful, however, if you are very thin, you should choose a profile adapted to your morphology.

Do you have big breasts? You can also choose a high profile but the result will be less natural. Choosing a low profile ensures an increase in volume while maintaining a natural look.
In any case, keep in mind that it’s important to turn to a qualified plastic surgeon who will be able to guide you in this choice to ensure the desired result.

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